Questions and Answers

What is up with the claim of Fake Royal Honey?

Yes, it is true! There are some “fake” royal honey being manufactured and some of them have been known to make people sick while others are just a sachet of uneffective honey! We urge all people to order Directly from us that we may take the chance of you getting Fake Royal Honey (or Under-Dosed)out of the equation. Yes we have even came across Fake White Wings, Double Wings and Yellow wings in the past!

How long does it take for US domestic orders to arrive?

Once an order is made, We are immediately notified via Email & Text. We immediately package item(s) in a plain discrete package with a free gift. We then Print our own shipping Labels through USPS and shortly after you will receive a Tracking Confirmation email with a tracking number. We ship out packages once a day, once at Noon in order we maximize our efficiency in regards to our shipping time. We take our shipping time seriously… thats why we offer same Day Shipping! Within 24 hours of making an order, buyer will have received a tracking number. Once shipped USPS Priority mail, it should take 2-3 Business days to arrive to all United states addresses.*Shipping times may vary due to Shipping delays.